How to boil an egg?
Sometimes, when we peel a boiled egg, we observed that the yolk has acquired a greenish colour, no worries, simply means that we have boil it too much time.
Cooking an egg, for more than 5 minutes can result in some vitamin loss, which mainly affect the vitamin A (up to 30 100), vitamin B1, and, especially folic acid (up to 50 by 100).

Tip: To make the egg yolk displayed as centered as possible once cooked, move the egg a few times during cooking.

Did you know ...?
When you boil an egg that we will not use at the time and store it in the fridge, how do we differentiate of a fresh one? Place the egg on a firm surface and turn it on its point, if the egg tends to spin is hard! If, however, lies at the moment is fresh.