Technology and health

In Granja Agas have a firm commitment to quality and service we provide to our customers. That is why we devote much effort to the training of our staff in the latest technologies and processes industrial poultry.

In this regard, we have the newest machinery in the market for the care of our birds, as well as for classification and labeling of eggs. Our detection of cracks (Crack Detector) will prevent the eggs get cracked or broken to our customers.

Our commitment to technology and productivity improvement has led us to collaborate with the University of Veterinary Medicine oy Madrid on several projects: 

  • Currently we are involved in an investigation project to improve productivity and health of laying hens using natural products and auto-vaccines.
  • We also work on another project with the University to investigate quail diseases and nutrition in order to improve productivity and health of the quails. 

Granja Agas farm complies with Animal Welfare, Health and Control of Salmonella ...